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Step 2: Prepare the relevant paperwork for your BER assessment. 1. 2. 3. Proof of the year the house was built, any drawings, plans or specifications of the house, and the age of any extensions added to the house (if applicable). e.g. legal documents indicating the age of the dwelling. 4.Preparing for your BER Assessment, a Homeowner’s Checklist ... SEAI’s checklist will help you prepare for your BER assessment and ensure you have all the required documents. What should I expect when a BER Assessor calls to my home? Your BER is calculated based on the amount of energy your home requires for space heating, hot water heating, ventilation and lighting.A Guide to Building Energy Rating for Homeowners A BER is only an indication of the energy performance of a home, similar to the concept of a fuel economy (miles per gallon or litres per 100km) rating for a car. A BER does not include electricity used for purposes other than heating, lighting,Water Heater Check List - Building in California ber, or a listed gas convenience outlet installed within six (6) feet (1.8 m) of the appliance it serves. Where a connector is used, the valve shall be installed upstream of the connector. 2010 CPC 1215 Water Heater ChecklistYour quick guide to energy Ratings – Selfbuild The BER and EPC remain valid for 10 years, unless significant alterations have been made to the building. If you are in breach of your BER/EPC obligations, in ROI you could incur a fine of €5,000, in NI of £200. The person who carries out your energy rating must be on your jurisdiction’s official register.Facility Condition Assessment Final Report executive summary Page 1 of 4 VFA, Inc. conducted a facility condition assessment of National Capital Region/Potomac/GSA-ROB. The following facility assessment reporting demonstrates theEquipment ACCA Selection Manual S If a heat pump in a very cold climate (heating is primary concern) does the total cooling capacity of the selected equipment exceed 125% of the designed total cooling load? 4 makeup difference in capacity from the heat pump: Auxiliary Heat. Heat Pump Balance Point H: Does the electric auxiliary heat provide the necessary BTUs to ’s balance ...GAS-FIRED with your heating appliance. Please pay attention to the Safety Warnings contained within this instruction manual. Keep this manual for your records and provide it to your qualifi ed service agency for use in professionally setting up and maintaining your burner. Your CG series gas burner will provide years of