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A greater focus on energy efficiency is one of the main solutions to the energy challenge facing Peru, as well as a way of boosting economic development and competitiveness. To support this the Carbon Trust is currently leading on a new project to help identify and enable energy efficiency for businesses in Peru, as well as helping to build - Carbon Offset Projects Investing in high quality international carbon reduction projects, making your business carbon neutral and achieving your CSR goals Many of the carbon offsetting projects also provide additional benefits such as biodiversity, education, jobs, food security, clean drinking water and heath & well-being in developing countries.Office energy efficiency guides | Carbon Trust Energy is one of the largest controllable overheads in office buildings which means there are many opportunities to make savings. Reducing energy consumption not only saves money but improves working conditions which can increase staff productivity. Furthermore, the environment will benefit from reductions in energy use and carbon emissions ...Energy - APEC Sub-Fund for Energy Efficiency and Low-Carbon Measures. Since 2009 an APEC Sub-Fund for Energy Efficiency and Low-Carbon Measures has been maintained with contributions from the government of Japan. This sub-fund continues to support a wide range of energy-related technical capacity-building projects supporting cooperation between APEC members.Examining the Carbon Footprint of Devices | Sustainable Software This is referred to as embodied carbon. Manufacturing a smartphone accounts for 85%-95% of the annual carbon footprint of the phone, and the average smartphone requires 55 Kg of CO2e to manufacture. Similarly, aSurface laptop has a carbon footprint of 152 Kg CO2e and 78% or 119 Kg is from manufacturing and 20% or 30 Kg is from use over a three ...Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. A wide variety of factors have an influence on the level of GHG emissions in Canada. Globally, about 78% of GHG emissions from human activity are from the production and consumption of energy. This includes activities such as using gasoline for transportation, non-renewable electricity production, oil ...Sustainability : Delta Air Lines Reductions can also occur by using a more fuel-efficient fleet and new fuel technologies, like sustainable aviation fuel. Carbon reduction offsets (external to Delta, an offset type): Offsets that invest in technology or projects that result in a reduction in emissions. Examples are conversions to lower-carbon energy sources such as wind and solar.Energy & Water Saving Products, Save Money on Energy & Water ... Water Saving. Small changes bring big savings on water bills. Our eco taps, aerators and showers deliver sustainability without compromise, guaranteed. View. Energy Saving. Whether you’re looking for an energy efficient fridge or LED bulbs we have all the very best energy saving home products. View.